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Newcastle’s Civic Park War Memorial Grove sits in a quiet corner of the city’s central park, opposite Newcastle Art Gallery, and the Regional Library and across the road from the City Hall and Civic Administration Centre.

Civic Park, of which the grove forms a part, features the dramatic Hindle Fountain, which is an icon in the city of Newcastle.

The War Memorial Grove was developed from a community desire to honour servicemen and women killed during the world wars. It was constructed from public and private funds, some of the money coming from families whose relatives are commemorated on each of the 68 plaques featured throughout the garden. Much of the work was done by volunteer members of the New Lambton Heights Garden Club, and this relationship has been maintained till this day.

It was opened and dedicated as a War Memorial in 1961 by the then Anglican Bishop of Newcastle, Rt. Rev. James Housden.

The grove has long been a quiet place for reflection and although a little neglected towards the end of the 20th and early 21st Century, a preservation group has now been formed to lobby for its refurbishment. This project will be undertaken in partnership with Newcastle City Council.

It also features some significant and interesting pieces of sculpture and memorabilia as well as a reflection pool and small ceremonial gathering area and flag pole.

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